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Numerical-Controled Cutting Machine

Introduction of Product

The numerical controlled cutting machine is a programmable CNC cutting machine which cuts sponge blocks, PU Blocks, and Phenolic foam blocks of different density. This machine produces high precision cuts for regular shape blocks as well as for irregular shapes. The operator of the machine is able to draw the graphics desired by using the digital control which then operates the mechanical function to cut the foam blocks.

The Mechanism Part of the Cutting Machine
Coventional Type
Advanced Type

The machine is adopting Dynamic cutting wire tension adjusting device, which helps to extend the life of cutting wire and ensures the smoothness of the cutting surface of the foam block. The machine is with dust arrester installation and Using ball screw drive which is of high speed and accurate control.

Cutting Wire

Specification of machine

Max length for foam block: 2100mm
Max width of foam block : 1550mm
Max height of foam block : 1300mm
Cutting speed: 2.0m/min
machine length: 3000mm
Machine width: 2600mm
Machine height: 2300mm
Availability: 45 days
Warrantee£º1 Year
Software£ºDrawing tool And CAD Entry to the passway£»the software for Control£¨English interface£©
PC£ºWinXP laptop included
Power£º380V(AC), 4.5KW

The Control System

The machine is controled by a computer with Windows XP operating system and CAXA drawing software. It is easy to operate the machine, because the computer has a Graphic Operating Interface and 2D designing system. The designing system can convert Vector Graphics like DWG and DXF into executable programs which saves a lot of time into programming. The G-format processing procedures of international standards facilitate the converting of the program. The machine has the funtion of remote control. The main control unit which is imported from Japan and has the funtion of remote control (optional) avoids the contamination of the equipment.
Controled by computer

This cutting machine is suitable for cutting the block into different shapes, for example, straight line, arc-shape, and even English letter and Chinese character.

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